Beaver Washes Itself Like a Human and Doesn’t Care That Someone’s Watching

During a recent walk on the shores of Old Lake in Tata, Hungary, Tibor Bodó noticed an interesting scene; a beaver was standing on a rock and washing itself.

The thing that got Bodó’s attention was the beaver’s human-like routine. The animal was standing on its two feet and was very thorough in washing its body. It made sure to reach every part of it and properly scrub its fur. It also washed its face in a way a human would do.

Fortunately, Bodó managed to capture the scene on camera, as beaver didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that someone was watching him. He later shared the video with the non-profit organization Miénk a Grund.

Bodó’s video soon went viral, something that he hoped for as he wanted more people to witness such a wholesome scene and make them appreciative of the beauties of the nature.

“It was so interesting, cute, and lovable at the same time,” Bodó said when reached out to by The Dodo. “Her movements were so human.”

Seeing beavers wash and groom themselves is nothing unusual. Besides wanting to keep their coats nice and clean, they are also distributing the oils that keep their fur waterproof.