Bella the Cockapoo Decides to Ignore Her Human After Being Brought to the Groomer

Image via bellaboocockerpoo/TikTok

Some dogs enjoy visiting groomers and getting cleaned, pampered, and taken care of. However, there are a lot of those who hate the experience and have a hard time forgiving their humans for putting them through that. Bella the Cockapoo, the star of a recent viral TikTok video, definitely belongs to the latter group.

The clip starts with Bella sitting on the passenger seat of her human’s car with an unamused look on her face.

“The sass – she’s realised she’s at the groomers,” it says on the text placed across the video.

Bella’s owner tries to get her attention, but the dog simply decides to ignore the calls and continues to stare through the windshield.

“Point blank ignoring me,” Bella’s owner concludes.

Other dog owners went to the comments section to let Bella’s owner know that their puppers also feel the same about visits to the groomer.

“Mine does exactly the same, and then he sulks after,” one TikToker commented.

“Mine escaped while my husband was talking to the groomer how I don’t know. He ran straight for the door,” another added.

Even though Bella and other dogs who are not fond of grooming sessions might feel slightly displeased with their owners we are sure they realize it is for their own good and quickly forgive them after some cuddles and a few treats.