Best Boy Brodie Looks Like a Picasso Masterpiece

It’s always heartwarming to hear the stories about kind-hearted dog owners, willing to look past their pets’ imperfections. Amanda Richter is one of them, and she formed a special connection with her rescue dog Best Boy Brodie, who looks just like a Picasso masterpiece.

Brodie was a ten-month-old stray when Richter stumbled upon him at a local shelter in Canada, and his backstory is truly heartbreaking. He was just 13 days old when he suffered a facial injury after being bitten on the head by his mother, which he never fully recovered from.

His injury got worse as he grew older, forcing his bones to get twisted and fused together, according to Richter. He’s also partially blind, but that didn’t stop Richter from falling in love with him right away and welcoming him into her home with open arms.

She later decided to share Brodie’s story with the world, in the hope she’ll inspire other animal lovers to adopt imperfect pups and give them a chance at a better life.

“It’s nice and we enjoy it because it kind of gets the word out there for other special needs dogs that people would look past in the kennels. He’s just such a funny dog. We don’t even notice his face anymore. He looks normal to us,” Richter told Global News Canada.