Big Pupper Snoozing in His Own Plane Seat Delights the Internet

It is always hard for dog owners to see their four-legged friends confined to a crate when flying on a plane. That is why one dog owner recently decided to get an extra seat for their pet and allow him to enjoy a comfortable flight like all other passengers.

In a viral video shared on TikTok by @bigdogsgotoheaven, a camera is recording an aisle of a packed plane. Soon, the camera shifts to a big pupper, who is snoozing on the middle seat with wide open mouth.

The clip soon became a hit on social media, getting 4.8 million views since being shared in early June. TikTok users rushed to the comments section to praise the owner and add that dogs improve the flying experience. 

“this would cure my flight anxiety. a little paw to hold on to when I’m scared,” one user commented.

Some TikTokers were also wondering how they could get an extra seat for their own pets. 

“You can buy extra seats by adding a passenger and then instead of entering their ID it gives you the option to pick excess baggage or personal comfort. That’s what I did!,” @bigdogsgotoheaven shared in a response to one comment.