Black Bear Climbs Balcony to Join Tennessee Resident for Breakfast

A woman from Tennessee recently had an unexpected guest joining her for breakfast. It was none other than a hungry black bear who wanted some of her oatmeal so bad that he decided to climb a balcony in order to get it.

A resident of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was enjoying her breakfast on the balcony of her house when she heard the noise from the first story deck. After looking down, she was in for a big surprise. 

“I was on the upper deck eating an oatmeal snack and heard a noise below me.” – shared the woman. “When I looked over the railing there was a black bear walking on the railing of the deck below me.”

The woman got out her phone and started filming.

“She looked up at me and snorted, probably smelled my snack, and then started to climb the pole to the upper deck.” – she added.

Seeing the animal’s determination, the woman decided to go into her house and closed the door. When she turned around, the bear was already on the balcony trying to locate the meal.

“It happened so quickly that I was basically speechless.” – the woman described the encounter.

She decided to share the video of the acrobatic bear with Viral Hog, and the clip quickly became viral. The internet users were impressed by the bear’s efforts to get himself a breakfast with some even wishing there were there so they could pet the animal.

Check out the video below.