This Black Cat Knows How to Beg For What He Wants

Image via waddywaves/Instagram

Who says that black cats are bad luck? For Natasha and Andrew Klosterman, their cat Waddy is a true blessing. Not only because he’s part of their family, but because he’s special. He knows how to beg for food. No, not by meowing, but by putting his front paws together.

According to the feline’s mom and dad, he always wants to be the center of attention. And because of his hilarious personality, he became viral on social media.

“He acts like a super tough cat but can be a baby when he doesn’t get what he wants. Him begging makes him who he is! He has his own special way of communicating with us that makes it really easy to know what he wants,” they said in an interview for Bored Panda.

Waddy shares home with his siblings, five in total. He was adopted after his brother Jax in 2018. The hilarious kitty is currently obsessed with being in the bathroom and playing with a toy in the bathtub. And he will beg until he gets what he wants.

You can keep up with his journey on his Instagram account titled Waddy Waves. But first, check out the gallery below to see our favorite images of him begging.