Blind Golden Retriever and His Guide Dog Companion Are Friendship Goals

When Golden Retriever Jake turned 2-years-old his owners noticed something wrong with his eyes and discovered that he was no longer producing tears.

“Over the subsequent months, in spite of trying every medication recommended by our vet’s eye specialist as well as multiple surgeries, his eyes steadily deteriorated,” owner Kim told Bored Panda.

“We were faced with a painful decision: Have Jake’s eyes removed or have him put to sleep.”

Fortunately, they were contacted by a number of owners of blind dogs telling them that their dogs went on to live a normal and happy life after losing their sight. Their vet also told them that sight is only number 3 on the dog’s list of senses. Smell and hearing are more important to them.

They decided to have Jake’s eyes removed. “Immediately after waking up from surgery, our vet said that Jake began wagging his tail. “His months of pain were over, and he was letting us know!”

Their other Golden pooch Addie has also stepped up and helped Jake get accustomed to his new life. Over the last couple of years, Addie became a loyal guide and companion to Jake.

How cute is this duo?