Bogie the Parrot Absolutely Loves Makeup

Bogie Guy is an adorable pink cockatoo that lives in Los Angeles with his mom-owner. He hatched one year ago, in July 2018, and since then he is making his owner’s life happy.

“It was a huge adjustment just doing things together, learning about each other,” his owner shared on The Dodo. “I’ve learned so much, and everything I’ve learned, we’ve done together. We grow together. I know that sounds so cheesy, but we really do. He’s a challenge and it’s really fun to have goals with him and it’s a huge payoff when you look at it that way.”

Bogie loves reorganizing his owner’s drawers and adores being pampered.

“He loves my brushes. He loves when I do his ’makeup’. He loves to run around my counter and just pull everything out of my makeup bag or the Q-tip jar and he just chucks everything on the ground,” she added.

To see more of Bogie’s beautiful face, check out his Instagram page below.

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Since the Dodo did the amazing video on Bogie’s and my amazing relationship, I have received lots and lots of questions regarding Galah ownership. I want to say a few major points! ••• I really want to remind everyone that the Dodo video AND this account is a highlight reel of Bogie’s life. A cockatoo is like a 3 year old that never grows up… ••• Bogie is so “nice” because of the time I spend with him as well as how much I have socialized him since he was a little dood. Even still ⚠️ he attacks people and STILL bites me. Birds are moody! They have good days and bad days just like people. ••• There are FAR too many abandoned birds in shelters because people have no idea what they are actually in for in purchasing a bird. ••• Purchasing a cockatoo and other kinds of parrots is a HUGE commitment. I’m talking 30-60 years. Giving a bird away once it bonds to you can lead to major emotional distress which leads to behavioral problems and plucking. ••• They are loud. Some species of cockatoos can be heard from a mile away… cockatoo owners can say an AMEN to that 😅😂 ••• Bogie is also extremely destructive. He chews everything and anything around him. Phones, laptops, furniture, cords, clothes, jewelry you name it he chews it. ••• Birds are expensive! Keeping up on toys, pellets, organic fruits and veggies, vet bills and the things he destroys gets very pricy! ••• If you are looking into buying a bird, PLEASE do your research. I ask that you spend time around many different birds before you go buy one. Look into bird fostering/rescue! ••• Remember that when you go in to buy a bird, the sales person will tell you everything you want to hear so that you’ll make the purchase. ••• Also, go watch @birdtricksofficial ‘s video “why not to get a cockatoo” on their YouTube channel. Jamie says it all perfectly. ••• If anyone has other questions, let me know! And if anyone has other good points to add please do! I want to make a video about Bogie’s and my story when I have time but for now I hope this post resonates ♥️♥️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Link:

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