Boo the Roo is Living His Best Life After Being Rescued From a Farm

Most people who have birds as pets usually opt for different kinds of parrots, but have you ever stumbled upon someone who has a rooster as a pet? Well, that happens to be the case with Mary Bowman, who rescued her Cornish Cross rooster Boo the Roo from a farm.

Boo now spends his days hanging out with Bowman’s other pets, snuggling with humans, going on road trips, playing the piano, taking rides in a doggy stroller, and watching the TV, but his life wasn’t always so carefree. He grew up on a farm and spent six months being overfed with other chickens, which was pretty dangerous for an animal of this breed.

Since Cornish Cross roosters can’t self-regulate their feed consumption, Boo was in pretty bad shape when Bowman came to pick him up. She discovered him after seeing a Craigslist ad from a man who no longer wanted his “‘mutant-like ugly chicken”, and he was so huge that he could barely breathe.

Bowman helped Boo escape the meat factory and live safely back in 2017, and they’ve been together ever since. Despite being fearful of humans in the beginning, Boo is now living his best life as a house chicken and he’s followed by over 35,000 people on Instagram and counting.