Brave 74-Year-Old Man from Florida Saves His Puppy from the Jaws of an Alligator

There are numerous reasons why a dog is considered man’s best friend. Dogs offer unconditional love, are there to keep us company, and are willing to do everything to defend their humans. But, as a recent viral video from Florida shows, this protection goes both ways.

Richard Wilbanks is a 74-year-old man from Florida whose best friend is a cute little puppy named Gunner. The duo likes to share long walks in parks and around green surfaces, as it keeps their spirits high and their bodies young. However, one of those walks nearly turned into a tragedy.

While Wilbanks and his four-legged friend walked by the pond in Estero, Florida, an alligator came out of the water and took Gunner. The alligator retreated to the pond and probably believed he got his meal of the deal. But he didn’t take into account Wilbanks.

Wilbanks immediately jumped into the pond and pulled the alligator out of the water. He then grabbed his jaws and pulled them apart until Gunner was free.

Thanks to his owner’s quick reaction, the little dog wasn’t hurt and he just ledt with a few scratches. The alligator got away unharmed, but he probably had to sleep the night with an empty stomach.

Luckily for us, the entire event was captured on video thanks to Florida Wildlife Federation’s cameras set up nearby. The organization recently shared the clip, and as expected, it became instantly viral.

Check it out below.