Brave Dog Saves Her Owner From a Runaway Car

When Castleford, UK, native Kimberley Bridges took her Boxer-Staffie Orla for a walk last month, she thought it will be just another fun stroll down the street. But it turned out to be an activity that could have ended with tragic consequences if it wasn’t for Orla’s heroics. 

At one moment during the walk, a huge Toyota SUV steered from the road to the sidewalk and was heading straight towards Kimberley. In a split second, Orla sensed the danger and pulled her to the side. The car narrowly missed Kimberley by an inch, meaning the brave doggo probably saved her owner’s life.

“I would have been a goner if the dog had not bolted while I had the lead tied around my wrist,” said Kimberley in a chat with Daily Mirror. “Even so, I felt the wing mirror brush against my back side. If I had ducked it would have taken my head off.”

After she recovered from the shock, Kimberley decided to seek camera footage in order to comprehend what really happened. She managed to find it and saw that it was really Orla that saved her. She later shared the video of the event on her Facebook profile.

The car that nearly hit Kimberley was later found abandoned in another city. The police are currently investigating the event and trying to find the person responsible for reckless driving.