Brave Stray Dog Digs Ground to Save Trapped Kitten

One stray dog named Huihui recently became a legend among the students and staff of Fuzhou University in Fujian, China, thanks to his heroic action that led to the rescue of a trapped kitten.

Back in May, students of Fuzhou University noticed that Huihui was acting strange. He was relentlessly digging ground at one corner of the campus to the point that his nose and paws were bleeding. But no one could figure out why he was doing that.

Believing that Huihui had a good reason for his actions, the students decided to join in. They helped the dog dig while removing a bunch of stones that were found on the site. Soon, they realized that Huihui was trying to save a kitten that was trapped underneath all the ground and debris.

With the joint efforts of Huihui and the students, the kitten was saved. She was in a pretty rough shape from all the time spent underground but luckily recovered. Huihui was also treated for his injuries and is in good condition.

The students believe that the kitten got trapped after heavy rains that caused its shelter to cave in.

You can watch Huihui’s heroic rescue mission in the video below.