Breathtaking Video Shows Diver Swimming With Thousands of Jellyfish

Ningaloo Reef in Australia is known for delivering ocean enthusiasts with beautiful sceneries that you can hardly come across anywhere in the world. Diver and underwater photographer, Prue Wheeler, can vouch for this as Ningaloo reef was the place where she managed to capture one of the most breathtaking videos of her career.

Wheeler was recently sailing on Ningaloo when she spotted something strange happening underwater. Puzzled by this, the 35-year-old diver decided to check it out. She put on diving gear and got into the water only to witness a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

As soon as Wheeler dived in, she became surrounded by thousands of moon jellyfish. These beautiful translucent ocean creatures didn’t mind the company and were freely swimming around allowing her to enjoy the scenery and even capture some of it on camera.

Check out the amazing footage captured by Wheeler below.