Brett and Jade Evans are Living on the Boat With Their Two Dogs

Brett and Jade Evans are having the time of their lives sailing around the world on their boat—and they’re not doing it all alone. Their pups Dingo and Penny are by their side every step of the way, and they quickly got used to life on the boat.

Brett and Jade bought their boat during the pandemic and used the free time they had on their hand to rebuild it before moving on board a year later. They found perfect companions in their dogs Dingo and Penny, and their boating adventures attracted over 300,000 followers on TikTok.

Dingo and Penny are both rescues, and it didn’t take them long to adapt to their new home. Life on a boat has its challenges, but Brett and Jade are making it work and putting a lot of effort into making sure their pups get to live their best lives.

The couple’s followers are often concerned their dogs don’t get enough space to roam freely on the boat. The reality is that they actually spend most of their time exploring beaches in different coastal towns, where they can run and play for hours.

“They get to run and play on land and obviously swim, nearly every day. One of the most common misconceptions about the sailing lifestyle is about how often we ‘out to sea.’ The reality is that almost all of our time is spent anchored just off of land,” Brett told People.

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