Brooke Elder is the Internet’s Favorite Reptile Nerd

We’ve seen several pet influencers find viral fame after sharing the stories from their life with reptile companions. Brooke Elder is one of them, and her videos attracted thousands of followers and millions of views after she started posting them on her TikTok and Instagram page Boe Lizard.

Elder fell in love with reptiles when she was around six years old—catching frogs and snakes outside while growing up in Wisconsin was one of her favorite childhood hobbies. She always loved all the wild creatures, both big and small, but reptiles eventually captured her heart.

She spent her teenage years working at pet stores and gained even more knowledge about animal care during an internship at the Milwaukee County Zoo in the Aquarium and Reptile Building.

She took care of dozens of reptiles over the years, from snakes to several different species of lizards, and they helped her grow into the person she is today.

“I have grown more as an individual since owning my reptiles, and I am more able to confidently express and embrace myself for who I am. Reptiles teach you to find beauty in everything and to be true to yourself,” she told Zilla Rules, adding she feels reptiles are more drawn to people who have confidence in themselves.