California Couple Catches Bear Family Enjoying Their Swimming Pool

There’s something truly refreshing about stepping inside a pool on a warm and sunny day—and one family of bears seems to agree. One couple in California couldn’t believe their eyes when they caught a mama bear and her cubs swimming in their pool.

Rick Martinez and Brian Gordon live in Monrovia, and they were recently visited by some pretty interesting guests. Martinez was eating his lunch when he heard some commotion in the backyard and decided to take a look outside.

He spotted a mama bear with two cubs strolling into the backyard, and she even hopped into a pool at one point while two cubs watched on. Martinez realized that the bears were just passing through, so he decided to keep a safe distance and let them do their own thing while capturing their adventures on camera.

Most people would lose their minds if they stumbled upon bears in their backyard, but not this couple. Ricky Martinez told NBCL they weren’t too alarmed because they live at the edge of a national forest and frequently see bears on the property.

“We tend to get lots of wildlife crossing through here. We are always left in awe when we see the bears, especially a momma bear with cubs. We haven’t seen cubs that little before, and it was the cutest thing ever,” explained Martinez.