Campaign Shows the Sad Consequences of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life

Most of us are aware of the fact that plastic is harmful for the environment, for marine life and planet Erath in general. Nevertheless, we still keep using it in our daily lives – plastic bags, boxes, bottles – the list is endless. It may seem like it won’t make a difference if you don’t use a plastic bag next time you go shopping, but believe us – it will make a difference!

An international NGO focused on the conservation of marine wildlife, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, teamed up with Tribal Worldwide Brazil and DDB Guatemala to launch a shocking plastic awareness campaign this month.

The message of the campaign is: “The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever”. They released 3D posters that depict two marine animals, a turtle and a seal, suffering in extreme agony from the consequences of carelessly discarded plastics.

“Unfortunately, a small and thoughtless action in our daily life can cause huge damage to nature without us even realizing it. In this campaign, we aim to remedy this by reaching the largest number of people possible, bringing awareness to the fact that with small and easy steps, we can ensure that terrible scenes like these do not happen”, says Guiga Giacomo, Executive Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide São Paulo.

There are many ways we can help our planet by reducing our bad habits to a minimum, and not a single excuse for not doing that today!