Capybara Couple Gets Treated with a Romantic Meal for Valentine’s Day

Image via drusillaspark/Instagram

This year’s Valentine’s Day turned out to be really special for two residents of Drusillas Park, a small zoo in East Sussex, UK. Clementine and Augustus, an adorable capybara couple, not only got to spend it together but they were also treated to a romantic meal to celebrate their love. And yes, there is a video of the event. 

According to Drusillas Park’s staff, the zoo has been trying to find a life partner for Clementine for years now. However, the picky female capybara turned down suitors left and right, leading the zookeepers to think they would never accept a mate. Then came Augustus.

Augustus accomplished what many failed before him and swept Clementine off her tiny capybara feet. The two were “carefully” introduced to each other for several months and totally fell for each other. According to the staff, they are now inseparable and have even shown some mating behavior in recent weeks.

“She is of course still convinced she’s the dominant one in her new relationship, but we’ve observed that Augustus seems to have the final say—so she must be head over heels for her new beau,” Drusillas Park’s head keeper Gemma Romanis told Great British Life.

In order to celebrate their newfound love and deepen their connection, the staff decided to organize a special Valentine’s Day meal for the two. This included a poolside table, flower and heart decorations, and a menu consisting of raw veggies.

Check out the full video below.