Caracal Cat Questions Her Owner in Adorable Video

Cats have keen senses. Most of the time, they can tell when their owners have been spending time with other kitties. And they don’t like that very much. The pets are territorial and not happy to share their human with anyone. Even when they have to share, it takes some time to get used to the new pet.

This caracal cat didn’t have nice words for her owner when he got back late after cheating with another cat.

Her owner opened the door, and she was eagerly waiting at the door. She welcomed him and began to smell his body for traces of the cheating escapade. She hisses each time she smells it. The whole conversation was transcribed for non-cat speakers, and it is simply hilarious.

She was not pleased with the betrayal, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. The snarling and hissing showed how hurt she was. Watch the video below.