Cat and Dog Neighbors Became Best Friends

They say that dogs and cats can’t be friends, well Cricket and Mo are here to prove you wrong; they are the bestest friends in the whole wide world. The buddies live next to each other, and when Mo hears Cricket come out, he is out the door in a flash.

“It started being that every time I was out walking Cricket, Mo would come from all over the place. Jumping out of other people’s yards,” Corina, Cricket’s mom told The Dodo.

The duo likes to cuddle and play together, just like two best friends do.

“Everybody can relate to Cricket and Mo,” Doree, Mo’s mom added. “They’re different, they come from 2 different worlds, one’s orange, one’s black and white, one’s a dog, one’s a cat…that’s the best thing about them! Everybody can get along, those 2 prove it!”

Cricket and Mo also have an Instagram page where you can follow their adorable friendship. Just keep on scrolling!