Cat Born With Heart-Shaped Nose Loves Wearing Flower Hats

Willow the cat has a unique feature: she was born with a heart-shaped nose. But regardless of her looks, she is truly beautiful inside and out.

She was only five weeks old, suffering from health issues, when she was found by her mom.

“I am a special education teacher, and one day when I was leaving my student’s medical foster home, a tiny little kitten was on the doorstep,” Willow’s human told Cats on Catnip. She then added that the tiny baby had an eye infection, intestinal parasites, and fleas.

As time went by, Willow blossomed into a beautiful feline who now has more than 233,000 Instagram followers. Besides her nose, Willow, who was named after the street she was found, loves wearing flower hats. And if you scroll through her page, you will definitely be charmed by her images.

“I started putting flowers on her head because I thought her photos needed some color. She doesn’t seem to mind the flowers. She is a very sweet little cat, so I use her Instagram and Tiktok to promote kindness and acceptance of differences,” her mom said.

Scroll down and check out her beautiful photographs below. Do not forget to follow her and support inclusiveness.