Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten to Istanbul Hospital Asking For Help

Doctors and medical staff at a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey recently had one of the more unusual interventions of their careers. Cat decided to walk into their emergency room, bringing her sick kitten and asking for help.

Twitter user Merve Özcan shared several photos that show a worried cat entering the emergency room and carrying her kitten, trying to catch the attention of humans. 

Medical staff quickly surrounded the cat and tried to calm her down by petting her while taking care of the kitten.

According to Turkish media, the test found that both mother and kitten were in good health. The staff later fed them milk and other food before sending them to get checked by the veterinarian just in case.

Istanbul is known for its big population of stray cats, and it’s estimated that thousands live on the city’s streets. They are beloved by Turkish people and extremely friendly, becoming a sort of attraction.