Cat Clings To His Beloved Stuffed Animal After He Lost Owner

Image via alleycatrescue/Instagram

Hoonie, a 16-year-old cat, has experienced many changes in his life lately but one thing remained constant, his beloved stuffed animal is still at his side.

Hoonie’s owner recently died, leaving the adorable cat without a home. The owner’s daughter took Hoonie in at first, but unluckily, she and her son are allergic to cats so they couldn’t keep him. Hoonie and his favorite stuffed toy were brought to the shelter, in need of a loving home.

The shelter was run by Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland. The senior cat is currently doing well but still adjusting to the new environment, according to Brianna Grant, the communications associate at the shelter. His toy is his greatest comfort. “We’ve never seen a cat that is so attached to a stuffed animal,” Grant told The Dodo. “It really seems to be his support system.”

Hoonie spends his time with his stuffed cat, he sleeps and cuddles with it all the time. “It’s been a long-time companion,” Grant explained. “She [the owner’s daughter] sent us photos of Hoonie roughhousing with the stuffed animal, so I think Hoonie has a lot of fun with the stuffed animal and seems so attached to it. He’s been in the cage just cuddling next to it, and it seems to really help him out.”

The staff are hoping the old cat will find a new home since he loves attention from people. “He’s a huge talker,” Grant added. “It’s very sweet. When he’s lonely, he’ll let you know. You’ll hear him from a room away. But once you go and hang out with him, he just gets silent and hangs out next to you, and he seems so content just to have people by his side.”

“He is a senior cat in the last stages of his life, so I think people have a hard time dealing with the idea of adopting a cat and making a connection, just for the cat to pass away. But I’m sure that whoever gets him and adopts him will have a great few years with him. He’s such a sweetheart.”

When Hoonie was adopted again, his toy tagged along with him. “We couldn’t separate the two,” Grant said. “They’re a package — two for one.”