Cat Has a Hilarious Reaction After Her TV View Gets Blocked

You probably noticed that cats are strangely captivated by television, just like humans. However, our similarities don’t end there. As it turns out, cats also get really annoyed when someone gets between them and their favorite TV show.

TikTok user @thegoldenbreakfastclub recently shared a viral clip on social media that shows a ginger polydactyl cat named Waffles having a hilarious reaction when a man sits in front of her and blocks her TV view. The energetic feline immediately starts hissing at the man before scratching him and biting his elbow.

The person behind the camera tells the cat to “be nice,” after which Waffles calms down but keeps her paw on the man’s back just in case.

“Don’t block an orange cat’s TV view,” @thegoldenbreakfastclub wrote in the video that got close to 400K views in less than 24 hours since being posted.

TikTok users shared their amusement with the video in the comments section while also using the opportunity to crack a few jokes.

“His paw on his back like “stay put human or ill bite again!” one user wrote.

“Waffles doesn’t just keep an eye on you, he also keeps a paw on you,” another added.