Cat Named Leo Has an Entire Mount Laurel Home Depot as His Playground

If you happened to find yourself in a Home Depot in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, there is a good chance that you will be greeted by one of their hardest-working employees; a cat named Leo.

The Mount Laurel Home Depot adopted Leo back in 2022 and enlisted him to help the store with a rodent problem. Leo has taken his tasks quite seriously, successfully dealing with any rodents that even think of stepping inside the Home Depot, but is also fully enjoying the fact that he has 100,000 square feet of space and an outdoor garden center as his playground.

One of the Home Depot employees recently started sharing some of Leo’s adventures on TikTok, and it didn’t take long for the feline to become a social media star.


Replying to @bradleyrhoades875 Leo resides at this Home Depot 🐱#catdad2020 #catsoftiktok #homedepot

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 “He’s very outgoing. He likes people — he almost wants to show off for people when they’re around. He’s just one of a kind,” Home Depot’s manager John Vazquez told Philly Mag.

A lot of customers now have to greet Leo as part of their shopping routine, but that doesn’t seem to affect his work ethic.

In one of the videos, Leo can be seen being so focused on hunting a mouse that he ignores pets from the customers.

As a reward for his dedication, Leo was even named the Employee of the Year. So next time when you visit Mount Laurel Home Depot, make sure to find him and congratulate him.