Cat Shocks His Owner With Saying “Well, Hi!” in a Southern Accent

Every cat owner will agree that being a parent to a feline is very exciting but that it can be stressful at the same time because you never know what mood your fur buddy will be in. For example, will it be happy, annoyed, angry, or will it speak to you like a human?

Gambino Bambino is an 8-year-old tabby who loves to climb and explore. However, he recently became viral after he spoke to his owner in a human voice. In the video you can see Gambino running across the room, and hiding in a corner. His human follows him, and the feline raises his head and meowed something that sounded like ‘Well, Hi!’ in a thick southern accent.

The video, which was posted on TikTok has already reached over 1.4 million likes and has more than 10 thousand comments. Now the clip is available on Gambino’s Instagram profile, as well. So, if you’re curious to meet him, check out the video below.