Cat Takes Shower With Her Mom Every Single Day

There are many cats out there who have unique and quirky habits, but few are as unusual as the feline who loves to shower. You might be thinking that cats who like water are quite rare.

While some cats may tolerate a quick splash of water or even play with their water bowls, it is unusual for a cat to actually seek out a shower and enjoy being in it. But for Pym, showering is a source of endless entertainment and relaxation.

“Everything you’ve heard about cats not liking water does not apply to Pym. Pym wouldn’t even test the water. She just goes right in,” her mom Katie shares in an interview for The Dodo.

Cats are naturally curious creatures and love to explore new places and things. A shower, with its different sights, sounds, and smells, might be a thrilling and exciting experience for a cat.

“Then I started noticing that that was definitely something that she was purposely looking to do. When I’m gone for a day or two, I wonder if she’s waiting in the shower for me,” she adds.

Katie bought a kiddie pool and an outdoor shower for Pym to try, but the feline wasn’t interested. It seems she enjoys only showering inside with her mom.

“It is definitely our special thing,” she explained.