Cat Tries to Sneak on a Flight, Gets its Travel Plans Spoiled by TSA

One sneaky cat recently tried to hop on a flight from New York City to Orlando by hiding in luggage. Unfortunately, the feline’s plans were spoiled by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, who discovered her thanks to an X-ray machine.

During a recent luggage check, TSA agents at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport spotted an unusual item in one of the bags. The item had an outline of an animal, which was enough for them to raise the alarm.

One of the TSA officers opened the bag for further inspection and was shocked to find a living and breathing cat inside. Their first thought was that a passenger was trying to smuggle a cat without reporting it. However, it turned out that the truth was much more shocking.

When the owner of the luggage was told what happened, he was as surprised as TSA agents. It turned out that the traveler had no idea he was carrying a cat in his bag. To make things even more intriguing, the feline actually belonged to someone else.

The cat ended up being returned safely to its home, but the traveler ended up missing their flight. They managed to get on another flight the day after, but this time without a cat.