Charles Hammerton Travels the World With His Pet Ferret

Charles Hammerton is a 25-year-old fellow who lost his mother, adopted mom, and his best friend in one year. At that point, he got depressed and had suicidal thoughts, however, fortunately, his mental health improved when he started traveling the world with his rescue pet ferret, Bandit, who he found at an animal shelter back in 2015.

The England-based Hammerton quit his job at the Royal Air Force, sold all of his belongings, bought a camper van and hit the road.

“Travelling was the most amazing experience of my life and it was completely liberating. We followed the sun across the world and camped under the stars in amazing places. It was beautiful and I spent it with my best friend,” Hammerton told Bored Panda. “I have less money now but I am much wealthier as a person.”

The duo visited 11 countries in eight months. Hammerton has even published a book about their adventures titled Before Our Adventures and shared selfies on Instagram.

If you are curious to see their travels, check out the gallery below or follow them on social media for more.