Charming Animal Portraits by Alissa Levy

Alissa Levy is an incredibly talented illustrator and designer from Germany who is creating custom portraits and illustrations inspired by animals. Levy’s artistic style is so unique and charming that her work will instantly catch your eye.

The artist is illustrating animals like tigers, pandas, rabbits, and elephants, but it seems that her biggest inspiration is cats. Levy is a big fan of felines and as a cat owner herself, she’s very successful in capturing their unique nature.

The fact that she’s mostly illustrating cats, doesn’t mean that the artist forgot about our best friends – dogs. On the contrary! Levy is often illustrating dogs who are sometimes accompanied by their owners.

“Dog’s are (wo)man’s best friend forever. They are a constant source of surprises and rewards. They love you no matter what and are the best therapy when you’re feeling down. Dogs are better than ice cream and they can enjoy each day to the fullest,” the artist said.

Levy has her own Etsy Shop where you can order some of her beautiful illustrations. She also makes custom portraits of your pet that you can hang on your wall.

Take a look at her work below.