Check Out Finn, The Dog Who Lost His Two Back Legs

Finn is a 14-year-old dog who loves going on backpacking trips. However, about a year ago, he lost his back legs.

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MORE FINN, PLEASE! I have been getting a lot of requests for more posts about Finn along with a lot of questions. For those of you who know his story, I apologize for the recap, but I decided it would be easier to address some of them here! + What happened to Finn? In January Finn suffered spinal trauma from a terrible leap he took off of our camper van bed. Since then he has had physical therapy weekly in the form of swimming, underwater treadmill, cold laser therapy and electro-acupuncture. While he does have very limited mobility in his hind legs and we still hope that will progress more over time, we decided that at his age (14) we would risk wheelchair dependence so that he could enjoy some freedom. + Where did you get his wheelchair? We worked with his physical therapist @healingartsvet to get fitted for an Eddies Wheel’s wheelchair. We had it custom made with “off road” durability so he could bomb around the beach, cruise hiking trails and do all the things he loved doing prior to his accident. + Will Finn walk again on his own? Finn can take a few steps at a time – some days are better than others. We are not sure if he will ever do much more than that, but he still full of life, loves playing with toys and doesn’t at all feel sorry for himself about his current circumstances. He is still his same goofball self (this photo about sums that up as he takes a break mid-walk to have a big yawn). In fact, watching how resilient he has been through all of this has been humbling to me. He truly is FINNspirational! + Can Finn lay down in his chair? No, the chair is made solely for adventuring and getting exercise. He can, however, go to the bathroom with it on. + How much did Finn’s wheelchair cost? Finn’s wheelchair was just about $600 for the chair alone and $150 for the fitting and measurements. I do suggest if you are looking into a wheelchair for your dog that you have it fitted and measured properly to ensure it is comfortable and built to your dogs needs! I am sure I missed some questions so feel free to ask any that you have! — #ilovemydog #rescuedogsrock #dogmomlife #thedodo

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“At 13 years old, Finn was doing 20, 30-mile backpacking trips,” his mom shared with The Dodo. “Until, all of the sudden…In January of this year, we were camping and he was laying up on the back of the bed. He just took the 6-foot leap and went straight out the back of the van.”

According to his owner, when he lost his legs, it didn’t just affect him physically, but mentally as well, so they decided that a wheelchair was the best option.

“It’s amazing to see what they can go through and bounce back from,” she added. “Finn’s attitude is just all or nothing. We’re truly blessed to be among their company. He’s never given up and it’s just incredible to know that he never wanted us to give up on him. He’s the most important thing in my life.”

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