Check Out How A Wombat And A Kangaroo Became Best Friends

Buggy the kangaroo and Wally the wombat are the bestest friends in the whole wide world. They live on Lindoway Farm located in Australia, and have two things in common: they both lost their moms when they were just babies and you can’t keep them apart. However, Buggy was the one who took the first step.

“We put them in a little area together and right from the start Buggy was just all over Wally,” their mom shared with The Dodo. “Wally’s grazing on the ground and Buggy’s following him, just sucking on his ear the whole time. It was like, ‘What’s going on here?’ It was really weird. And every time we put them out together, that’s what they did.”

The adorable couple does everything together. They sleep together, eat together, and make memories together.

“When we brought them back inside for pouch time, we’d set them up in two little separate pouches. I’d go away, come back 10 minutes later and Wally’s either in Buggy’s bag or Buggy’s sitting on Wally. It was just crazy because they’re not even the same species, yet they seem to really want to cuddle,” she added.

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