Check Out How Cute These Pet Bearded Dragons Are

If you think cats and dogs are the perfect pets, try adopting a reptile! Although they look lazy and want to enjoy the warm sunlight, they can have a hilarious personality, as well.

Spike and Bandit are two adorable bearded dragons and the protagonists of the Instagram profile titled Spikedays. Their story began several years ago, back in October 2016, when their mom Shirley adopted Spike from Craigslist and created the social media account to document his journey with their family. Two years later, the Seattle, Washington-based family has expanded with another bearded dragon named Bandit.

Scrolling through their profile and looking at their photographs, we can conclude that Spike and Bandit love to be photographed. Their poses are so adorable that we’re not surprised how much their mom loves taking photos of them.

Their silliness is the reason why Shirley’s sister began creating beautiful art inspired by the bearded dragons.

“She released a series of bearded dragon prints, and a customer asked if she could shrink the art so she could use it to decorate her beardie’s tank. Ta-da…small bearded dragon portraits,” she wrote on her Etsy store called Lee ArtHaus.

If you’re into cute reptiles, check out their Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow them for more adorable images!