Check Out Meow Meow the Newest Grumpy Cat

Thanks to her Batman mark, this angry-looking feline has become the newest internet sensation. Her name is Meow Meow and according to her owner, she just looks angry, but in reality, she is very sweet and gentle. The two met at an old pet shop, and it was love at first sight.

“Her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason. She was 10 months old at that time, so me and my younger brother took her to our house and she became my first cat,” Meow Meow’s mom, Clare, told Bored Panda and added that despite her looks, the feline is very affectionate and cute.

“She massages me using her paws to wake me up every single day,” she said. “Even when I take a picture of her and she looks at me, I find her very gentle. I even dressed her like a princess once, but my friends saw her and told me she looked more like a queen.”

Although Clare has just recently started an Instagram account, she and her adorable kitty already gained more than 4,500 followers.

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