Check Out The Instagram Page Dedicated to Giant Snails

If you are into snails, you should know that there are true snail enthusiast you can follow on Instagram. For example, The Netherlands-based, Not Your Average Snails is a page dedicated to, you have guessed right,  giant snails. The profile, which has attracted over 20.6 thousand followers and has thousands of likes on each post, shares images of snails doing their thing. But what does a snail do?

Maybe the most interesting thing you can see on this page are videos of snails munching on tomatoes, zucchini, and carrots, or maybe how little baby snails are born? One thing is for sure, their owner is a snail guy who even loves naming his little friends – all the snails have their own names.

To see more of these giant snails, just keep on scrolling. What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen a snail munching?