Check out The Paintings of Beautiful Foxes Exploring the Night

Inspired by the beautiful nature and wildlife, artist Jennifer Taylor creates paintings that will take your breath away. The England-based Taylor started making a series where she imagines foxes at night. She called it Moon Foxes.

“I love to imagine these beautiful forest creatures exploring their nightly realms, with the flowers of the night gently glistening in the moonlight,” Taylor told Bored Panda. “Each piece is painted from my imagination and is positively brimming with flowers and stars. Within each piece are also beautiful layers of gold and copper painted accents. Once hung these accents are like little jewels, catching the magical light of the day.”

If you are interested in Taylor’s work, you can check it out on Facebook where she shares her creations and has attracted over one hundred admirers. If you love them so much, you can purchase a painting from her Etsy store where she sells all of her art pieces.

Scroll down and check it out.