Check Out The Pitbull That Surfs Like a Pro

When James Wall found two dirty and super skinny Pitbull puppies at the parking garage where he worked, he never thought one of them would become a passionate surfer.

“Whenever we get the surfboards out of the shed, Faith starts whining,” the doggies’ dad shared with The Dodo. “As we get closer to the beach, I’ll roll the windows down. You can tell she smells the salt air. Once we get out there and get on the board, it’s like her happy place.”

Faith’s brother is a homebody, who would rather cuddle and play in the backyard, whilst she is a talented little surfer who can even do tricks on the surfing board.

“She’ll do 360s, 180s. If she wants to be a show-off, she’s been known to step over onto other dogs’ boards and take over their ride. The confidence she now shows – the ocean opened her eyes to, like, a whole new world, that it’s not a scary place out there,” Wall added.

If you want to see how Faith conquers ocean waves, just keep on scrolling!