Check Out These Beautiful Cat Portraits Painted On Sandwich Bags

The Sandwich Cats is the brainchild of one creative mom who wanted to make her daughter’s lunch-time fun by decorating her sandwich bags. First, Erika started with some simple doodles, which eventually grew into full-on cat portraits.

But when summer break came, and she didn’t have to pack lunches anymore, she decided she would keep painting. Now she creates art on plastic sheets designed for art and sells them to her customers. Erika accepts commissions, but she also helps her local shelters by painting their cats in the hope they get adopted.

“Each one of these paintings is made with layer upon layer of translucent acrylic paint on Duralar and takes about four hours to complete,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “I paint rescues, purebreds, special needs cats, kittens, senior cats – all types because all cats are beautiful, fascinating creatures.”

The artist documents her cat-work on Instagram and Redbubble. Scroll down and check them out.