Check Out These Mesmerizing Portraits of Birds Symbiozed With Nature

Jon Ching is a Hawaii-born self-taught oil painter who loves depicting paintings inspired by nature. With his colors and brushes, he invites birds and other creatures and habitats into his compositions. He says that his love for our winged friends started after receiving a bird photography book as a gift. In his gallery, you can see portraits of birds merged with tropical plants, flower petals, flames. and butterflies.

“Their complexity and prowess in flight was fascinating to me and I was hooked,” the artist told My Modern Met. “My surreal portraits come out of my appreciation of nature’s interconnectedness and adaptation and replacing things that looked similar, like visual synonyms,” he explains. “Nature is already insanely diverse and surreal, so it was a natural course for me to create my own creatures, imagining the boundless magic of the natural world.”

If you are curious to see some of his work, check out the gallery below, or have a look at his Instagram account for more. Also, if you are situated in Los Angeles, you can see Ching’s paintings in person. His ‘mini solo show’ will take place at Corey Helford Gallery from January 25 to February 29, 2020.