Check Out This Adorable Comic Series About a Parrot Named Cheeks

Alongside cats and dogs, parrots can make excellent companions, too. They are intelligent creatures that love to interact with humans, they adore cuddles from their owners, and they’re also very affectionate. And that’s exactly what Lavender, the creator of the comic series It’s A Birb Thing, wishes to show her audience.

It’s A Birb Thing is a story about Cheeks the cockatiel, the relationship with his friends, and his love for his mom Lavender. The adorable couple lives in Pennsylvania, the US, where Cheeks and his mom/owner are making memories.

The artist illustrates the hilarious things that her parrot does adorably, using beautiful pastel colors. She introduces her audience to Cheeks’ favorite perches, and the different ways he likes to be affectionate.

Their stories are followed by almost 33,000 Instagram followers, both parrot owners, and non-parrot owners alike. If you love birds, or you would like to learn something new about them, check out the comic series below.

We chose our top favorites, but if you want to see more, go to It’s A Birb Thing on Instagram and check out Lavender and Cheeks’ adventures!