Check Out This Adorable Turtle Driving a Hot Wheels Car

Turtles are known for being extremely slow. But that is only when they are on foot. Give them a fast vehicle and good luck catching them.

We were recently treated to an amazing video of a turtle named Sergio strolling around its owner Kenny’s apartment on a rad-looking Hot Wheels car. The clip uploaded on TikTok shows Sergio moving with a blazing speed and quite enjoying his newfound mobility.

@kenny_james16 Friday night cruzin 💚🐢🏎… #sergioturtle #zoomzoom ♬ East Bound and Down (From “Smokey and the Bandit”) – Country Allstar Band

As it turns out, riding a Hot Wheels car isn’t something new for Sergio. His owner found that the turtle is quite enjoying the rides, so he often straps a pair of wheels on him and lets him take them for a spin. And it isn’t like Sergio is always driving the same car as there is a fleet of them waiting for him in the garage.

@kenny_james16 💚🐢 #sergioturtle #hotwheels ♬ original sound – ROMINA

You might think that Sergio is a solo rider, but that is not the case. He occasionally takes his friend Tubby the toad with him, and we dare you to name a better duo after you watch the clip of them together.

@kenny_james16 Sergio🐢 and Tubby🐸 #bestfriends #sergioturtle #tubbytoad ♬ Life Is a Highway (From “Cars”) – Movie Soundtrack All Stars

Thanks to Kenny, Sergio’s rides are well documented and posted regularly on his TikTok account. Here you can also find some other clips of his other adventures, like chilling in the pool.

@kenny_james16 Refreshing 😆💚🐢 #sergioturtle ♬ original sound – Nostalgia Hub