Check Out This Cat That Befriended Pigs

According to their Instagram bio, Safe Haven Hobby Farm is a fluffy and fun farm family. It’s also home to an adorable cat called Ernest, best-known for his love for having pigs as friends. According to their owner, Ernest climbs on them and gives them purrfect massages.

“The pigs will lay down and then Ernest hops up,” their mom told The Dodo. “He wants to be part of the group. He wants to be part of the fun. He thinks it’s a really warm and relaxing place.”

Everything started with him rubbing against them, but now, they are best buddies, so Ernest likes to clean them, especially their ears. However, the feline has made other friends, as well.

“He’s very curious. He’s always up on a fence post, watching and observing the animals. Everybody here is friends,” she added.

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