Check Out This Goose Who Loves His Horse

Waffles and Hemingway are soulmates who don’t have a clue that one is a mini-horse and the other is a goose. They both have been rescued from an outdoor paddock in unsanitary conditions and brought to a local shelter. However, in not much time, Hemingway showed his true colors; he became very protective of Waffles. Wherever the horse would go, the goose followed.

Whilst at the shelter they were looking for an adopter that would keep them together. That is when Maddie and Nick came into the picture.

“When we adopted Waffles and Hemingway, our hope was that they would settle in well, and they would become part of the family and get along with everyone. And that hope has become realized. And now Hemingway has Peabody [the horse] to take care of, instead of just Waffles,” Maddie told The Dodo and added that Waffles is on his way to become a therapy horse and that they have been a joy to them.

If you are want to follow this unusual friendship, just keep on scrolling!

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Bedtime routine, such good kids.

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