Check Out This Heartwarming Friendship Between a Cat and a Dog

This is a story about true friendship between a cat and a dog. A kitten named Lyla and her two siblings were brought to Los Angeles to their foster home.

The furry babies were only three weeks old when Lauraine and her boyfriend took them in with the intention to find them good homes and they did, except for Lyla. She stayed, and when the kitty turned five months old, the couple brought home a puppy named Koda.

“That’s when everything felt complete,” Lauraine told Love Meow. “Their bond was really instant. They love each other, and she cries for him if we leave (to use the bathroom). She loved wrestling with her ‘cat’ brother. She forces a grooming session and cries when he’s gone. They have the sweetest loving moments but Koda is definitely an annoying little brother.”

You can check out their adventures on their Instagram account called mr.koda.bear where they have attracted over 21 thousand followers.