Check Out Zuko: The Lamb Who Acts Like a Dog

Quintin and Robin have a very unusual pet; they have rescued a lamb and named it Zuko.

“One day we got home and we heard a little lamb crying out,” Quintin shared with The Dodo. “He was so week at the start, he couldn’t stand on his own feet.”

However, as time went by, Zuko started feeling better and began showing his true personality.

“He thinks he owns the show. He jumps on the couch, he jumps from table to table,” Robin explained. “It was so amazing watching how he just transformed from really being on the brink of death to this amazing, full of light and energy little man.”

Zuko has his big brother named Morty, but, at night, the lamb only wants to sleep with his rescuers.

“When it’s time to go to bed, he jumps straight up onto the bed and he finds a spot, and he usually just nestles up into a little loaf between us,” Quintin added.

Scroll down and check out Zuko’s adventures below.

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Zuko is never afraid to take a plunge! #petlamb

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