Chili the Chihuahua Gets the Sweetest “Happy Birthday” Surprise From Staff at Local Starbucks

One dog owner recently shared a video on TikTok that melted the hearts of social media users. It shows a chihuahua named Chili getting the sweetest surprise from a staff at a local Starbucks for his eighth birthday.

In the clip, which got close to 5 million views since being posted earlier this month, Chili can be seen sporting a birthday hat and looking through a car window while his owner approaches the Starbucks drive-in window. Once there, the dog is met with the coffee shop’s staff, who are handing him a pup cup while singing “Happy Birthday” in unison.

Chili seemed to like the surprise quite much, as his little body was visibly shaking from all the excitement and joy.

As it turns out, the surprise Chili received from the Starbucks staff was just one of many highlights of his birthday. His owner shared several other clips that show the grandiose celebration Chili received. It included a photoshoot in front of a balloon decoration and a party with his friends that included a dog cake.

Chili is lucky to have such a caring owner, but we have no doubts that he was a good boy and deserved it all.


Lets give the best dog there ever was or will be some 8th Birthday love! Sharing him with the world has been my greatest joy!! #birthdayboy #birthdaydog #chihuahuastiktok #fyp #tiktokdogs #happybirthdaytoyou

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