Chloe Hurst of Goth Garden Celebrates the Beauty of Dark Plants

Chloe Hurst was always drawn to the darker side of life, and she wanted her garden to have that same energy. She’s growing her own “Goth Garden” and sharing the results on social media, inspiring people to discover the understated beauty of dark plants.  

Hurst fell in love with gardening alongside her mother and decided to grow a garden of her own after moving into a house in Ontario, Canada. The idea of growing a “Goth Garden” was born when she stumbled upon black petunias at her friend’s place, and she decided to discover more plants with the same aesthetic.

She eventually decided to make her entire garden black and put a lot of time and energy into finding plants in this color.

“Dark plants are very mystifying, and you just don’t see them very often. People ask me all the time, ‘Is this a filter?’ And I think that’s what’s so intriguing about that color, because as much as I do love a colorful garden, there’s something about it that’s super poisonous and mysterious,” she told Metro.

Hurst’s “Goth Garden” may be dark, but that’s not stopping it from being her safe space, because it helps her relax, detach from the digital world, and connect with nature.