Cockatoo Decides to Tear Down Anti-Nesting Spikes on a Shopping Mall

Facebook user Isaac Sherring-Tito recently shared an awesome video with his friends that show how you should never mess with cockatoos.

Sherring-Tito was recently taking a walk down the street in Katoomba, Australia when he noticed something weird happening nearby. It was a white cockatoo ripping up the anti-nesting spikes placed on one shopping mall and throwing them onto the ground.

“I was walking down Main street in Katoomba, when I some bits of plastic fell near me.” – Sherring-Tito recalled. “I looked up and noticed a white cockatoo ripping off the spikes that stop birds from nesting on the windowsill of the building.”

He quickly took out his phone and decided to film the whole thing, before sharing it on social media. The clip has since gone viral with internet users being amazed by the cockatoo. Check it out below.