Colorful Wildlife Portraits by Jen Starwalt

Jen Starwalt is a prominent artist who is painting incredible large-scale wildlife paintings using a vibrant and colorful palette. This talented artist loves everything about nature, which inspired her to start creating amazing animal portraits.

Jen’s artworks can easily be recognized for the unusually vibrant and bold colors. According to her website, she’s using 100 percent pure dry pigment soft pastels to create these works of art.

“She paints on an oxidized sanded paper made specifically to grab hold of the small granules of a soft pastel. She first blocks out all major shapes of light and shadow as an oil painter would do, then builds up layer upon layer of color to achieve her final painting,” Jen stated on her website.

Given that the process of creating these painting is so complex, we’re not surprised that the end results are so unbelievable. The artist is hoping that her paintings will inspire people to get in touch with nature more often and to appreciate every animal living on this planet.

“We are all connected on this one earth we share. I hope when you look into each portrait that you feel it too,” Jen wrote on her website.