Company Turns Ashes of People’s Beloved Pets Into Beautiful Memorial Pieces

Losing a pet you love is heartbreaking and one of the hardest experience one faces during their lifetime. To keep the memories alive, many of us love to have a physical reminder – something that is both meaningful and beautiful.

Davenport Memorial Glass is a company that specializes in just these kind of physical reminders, creating memorial pieces that infuse a small amount of a loved one’s ashes with stunning glass works of art. Their most popular item is their paw print glass art and you can even carry a little piece of your dog or cat with you whenever you go.

“Our goal is to physically capture a moment, to create a keepsake that brings back a memory,” Davenport writes on their website. “Nothing will compare to the time spent with your loved one, but we hope to aid in treasuring them and remembering the precious time you had together.”

If you can’t access a pet cemetery nearby or you have decided not to hold a formal burial, Davenport’s memorial pieces offer a tasteful alternative.